How EA ruined C&C – The Installer

No, I have not played C&C4 yet, though I will soon.

And no, this is not a post analysing in detail the gameplay, estetics, production quality, storyline, etc of the various C&C incarnations and how they have gone to shit since EA toolk over Westwood and then abolished it.

Instead, I am going to simply demonstrate something that very nearly and very completely encapsulates the difference between C&C during Westwood en C&C during EA.

The Installation of the game.

See here first of all, the DOS installer for C&C1

Then see here the DOS installer for Red Alert 1

Now lets look at what we get with C&C3 installer:

C&C3 Install Fail

Its not even in English, i dont even get to choose the language.


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  1. Rogier says:

    Bwahaha, reminds me of Dungeon Keeper (dutch translated) where a famous DJ (Jeroen van Inkel) would say “Uw hol is te klein” (your cave/hole is too small). Too funny for words. The game sucked though.

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