Livejournal: Silly Twitter

For a long time, I had Facebook’s social status updates being imported into Twitter, using

However, once Facebook opened up their API enough to let the Twitter app update Facebook status, I turned that on immediately.

I forgot to turn off the rss2twitter connection though, so now I got a funny social status loop going on!

Check my Twitter page to see what I mean, I have status updates double-posting all over the place, and even tripple posting here and there, crazy!

I wish more of my friends used Twitter, texting to the UK really isn’t that expensive, plus that I update twitter via web-based apps like the Twitterfox plugin, more often anyway.

And now that Twitter updates Facebook status, its a lovely integrated whole. I still have a lot of trouble explaining “social status” though. The way I tend to think about it is one-to-many texting.

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