First Datacenter move post

Ok, so this is the first post in a long while on this blog.

The reason I have started blogging again, is cause I finally have something interesting Techie to blog about – namely our datacenter move. I hope this will become a series of posts, over the next few months, relating to our move.

Our datacenter:

– 100+ Citrix servers
– Buch’O infrastructure server
– About 20 application servers
– About 8 web/FTP servers
– About 6 IIS/Web servers
– 2 IBM Blade Centers
– Bunch’O Unix servers
– About 6 SQL servers
– Lots of Cables
– Lots of Switches

Most of it is super old.
Some of it is nice and new and shiny.

Check out pics of the stuff here

IMG_0995 IMG_0987 IMG_0905 IMG_0573 IMG_0147 IMG_0144 IMG_0143 IMG_1677 IMG_1676 IMG_2470 IMG_0145


So here is the story so far:

Now most of the servers, or I should say services are being moved to the big regional datacentre in Prague. This includes all Citrix servers. That project, lets call it “project purple” hopes to complete by end of May. We know they wont make it however.

Regardless, there will be plently left to to move anyway, not even counting what project purple leaves behind. And each of the servers and systems we need to move, present their own unique chalenges and problems.

In this series of posts, I shall dive into some of these challenges, and our adventure in dealing with them.

Its gonna be a bumpy road, we have a lot of work to do, and only 3 months to complete it in. Wish us luck

First, here is a nice diagram to get into the mood:


Above is the rack overview of our our move plan, about a week ago, when we where still hoping to locate the bulk of the servers to Amersfoort (Netherlands). This, however, is not going to happen, due to politics I will cover in a later post.

We are gonna be moving all to site Veghel, and, as I will elaborate on in a later post, that site hardly has the room or the facilities to host us.



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