Frostmourne Sword from Warcraft – God its so awesome

I left a message for Kit Rae on the Fantasty forum a while ago, after the Replica Frostmourne sword had been announced by Blizzard.

Frostmourne Sword from Warcraft – The Fantasy Forum.

The company behind the design is Epic Weapons and Kit Rae is their director of product design. Being a long-time Kit Rae fan, I was of course exited to hear of his involvement.

Stainless steel replica by Epic Weapons http://www.epicweapons.comFrostmourne in the Lich King's hands

I love his style, and own several weapons that have his hand in them, or come directly from his Swords of the Anchients lineup: Valermos and Valdris, which have that wonderfull organic black design to them that I love.

Its quite notable how serveral design elements from Valermos can be recognised in Frostmourne.

My Valermos:

IMG_0890 by you.
(zoom in)
My Valdris:

IMG_0884 by you.
(zoom in)

I am still keeping my eye out fot the Black Legion Blade, which is similair and I have always wanted to get my hands on that one.

Anyway, I was happy to see that Kit had actually awnsered my post a while ago. I had asked him what his involvement in the Frostmourne sword actually was, he awnsered:

“My part of the project was completed a while back. Epic Weapons started taking pre-orders a few weeks back, and the product is supposed to be shipping soon. The prototype looked good, but I have not see the actual production. I supervised the look of the repro and the CAD/tooling design, and packaging.”

The sword has indeed now started shipping, and it looks awesome and larger than I thought, here is some random lucky guy with it (more pics here):

So I still really want this sword. But it would be unwise to spend the money right now. Also, there is a waiting list.

I have another problem. if I move to the UK next year, am I going to be able to get it delivered there?  In the Netherlands this is rarely a problem, but I hear they are stricter in the UK about this sort of thing.

In any case, it would be a great present to myself when I move.

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