So, they DO google you!

Yesterday I completed my English-language CV, you can download it here, and I will print it below for good measure.
I published the CV at Monsterboard UK yesterday, aswell as and

*waves at potential employers*

Now I had already been looking through jobs on all those sit,in fact I have an RSS feed coming in that combined search results for all those sites, based on the keyboards I am looking for (systems administration, datacenter, engineer). I have republished those feeds here (via Google reader), if you are interested.

Now this morning my Friendfeed directed me to Flickr as someone I know had posted a pic there I wanted to see. Then I noticed the view graph.  

What is interesting it also the specific pictures that seem to be top viewed in the last 24 hours:

Almost no external referals too. This means these are people browsing my work photo set on Flickr itself. They must have gotten there somehow though, and I dont publish that particular set on the front page of my Flickr page.

I should have installed a plugin to track hits on WordPress, cause I am sure they are up to. Someone has been Googling me, this much is certain. What I am wondering is what they are hitting first. The first result on google is my Sysadmin blog, it seems. I guess this must be the entrance to the set itsef on Flickr. Though Geekswithblogs is not showing up as a high referrer for the last day. its a mystery.

Anyway.. next blog post will be my CV



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