now supports Facebook Connect!

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 27 00.59 by you.

You can now log onto the Fluffshack using your Facebook account!
When you do this, it instantly creates a profile on that is bound to your Facebook account.

ScreenHunter_02 Dec. 27 01.00

When you leave comments on posts, you can have that comment feed back into your Facebook news feed!

ScreenHunter_03 Dec. 27 01.00

What else does the Fluffshack need to support?  I see mybloglog all over the place, so perhaps that would be good. Once Myspace launches their own Friend connect system, I will incorperate that too!

Also, if more interesting Google Friend connect (GFC) or Facebook connect widgets appear, I will probably add more. I also need to work on supporting generic Opensocial (even though GFC gives a kinda support for it already on the site)

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