T-Mobile phone plan screw-up: new mobile number soon!

So, the idea was that i would extend my old plan, refresh it to a new 2-year plan, and get the G1 phone.

However, something went a little wrong during the plan refresh. I am only assume I lost my way on the T-Mobile site somehow, but my refresh turned into an entirely new purchase of a separate plan.

So, now I have 2  plans, with 2 different numbers.

I was faced with a choice:

– Reverse the purchase of the new plan, and send it all back, including the phone. Then we restart the renew process and you get a new phone again
– Let the old plan expire, go with the new one from now on. Old cant expire till June though, so costs me more. Loose benefits from being a T-Mobile customer for 6 years on the old plan.

I was a little annoyed at this, but I can understand the problem. The phone is a package deal with the plan. They could technically pull the elements of the plan apart and recombine, but that is so much work on their side, I can imagine them not doing offering this.

Also, I have grown so attached to the phone the last day or so, I really don’t want to send it back at this point. The extra money it costs me to hold on the old account for 3 months, it worth the effort and pain to me.

The old plan one doesn’t expire for another 3 months, so I cant transfer the number yet. That doesn’t bother me that much, its not bad to change your number once in a while. Many people have my number, some of which I would rather they not have it. So, a good time to refresh.

The consequences for me though, is that I have to make it known to the people that I do want to have my number, that it will soon change. My old number is already pointing to my new one, so both will work fine for the next three months. This post is the first of a series of communications i will have to bring out, to let people know about my number change.

I wont post my numbers on my blog here (though you can actually find it here if you look hard enough), I will mail and text everyone I think needs to know in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here is a picture I took of a car outside the flat:

Wrecked car, Outside the flat, airbag was out too on TwitPic

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