Wine tasting with my uncle

With my uncle and aunt in the country, I once again have the chance to hone my wine-tasting skills. The first wine I have had is “Bancroft Bridge” Cabernet Merlot from south-eastern Australia.

This wine combines a cabernet-sauvignon with a merlot. Alcohol content 13.5%. Imported by Marks&Spencer and sold in the UK

IMG_2735 by you.

This wine was produced and bottled by the Bortoli company in Bilbul, Australia for the Marks&Spencer retail chain in the UK and sold under the Bancroft Bridge brand.


Going on the information on the Bottle, this wine was at least Bottled at Bortoli’s Bilbum vineyard but this specific brand is not mentioned on their website. H

This wine comes from the region Riverina known locally as Australia’s fruit bowl, watered by the meandering Murrumbidgee River that runs down from snowy Mountains and is a warm, sunny area. The wine maker has crafted a wine of intense, ripe flavour that is balanced and fresh. The flavours of this Merlot/Cabernet blend include black cherry and sun-baked herbs, with a soft creamy note on the finish.This wine has been sealed with a screw cap, our aim is to choose the most suitable closure for each wine.

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1 thought on “Wine tasting with my uncle

  1. Sounds good, if you can handle Merlot. I thought i was the only weirdo, but it turns out a lot of people get ill from Merlot, me being one of them.
    You should try my favorit, a Cabernet-Shiraz blend 🙂

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