Didn’t watch football, instead I watched some PROPER TV!

No,  I lied, actually I did watch the football, even though I hate the game. But there is some strange patriotic bit in that Dutch half of me that forces me to watch.

After the football I caught a rather informative documentary on EO, called the “Backlash of the Gulf War” (not sure of that is the valid English title). It basicly covers a lot of ground Micheal Moore’s recent documentary covers, but features a lot of interviews with the high-ups during the Clinton Administration’s years. The focus of the program is more or less on the CIA, FBI, and Whitehouse’ failure to deal with the terrorist threat pre-9/11
As per usual I find that the EO (Dutch evangelican programming) delivers the most ingaging documentaries, even though I dont care for their religeous dogma.

Switched over to BBC1 only to find the ending of a very excellent “imagine”, this time about the increasingly dark world of childrens fantasy and culture and its continuing expantion into the world of adult themes. My attention was particularly drawn to the work of Art Spiegelman, the new-york comic book artist, and his works “MAUS”, the Holocaust told thougt the eyes of mice and the cleverly titled “In The Shadow of No Towers“, which focusses on Spiegelmans family own (very close) experiences of 9/11 and its aftermath.

I am rather unfortunate that I dont seem to know too many people that I can actively engage in discussion about these kinds of subjects. (Exeptions to this rule know who they are, but should awnser their MSN messages more frequently 😉

And once again, its 1.24 am as I type this, thus exceeding, once again, my planned bed-time by 2 hours and 24 minutes. I sometimes think I am doomed to being sleepy all day.

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