6 hours of Civilization, and expanding my sword collection

It was our friend Omar’s birthday this weekend, so we went into the city to get him a goody.

We went to get Civilization: The Boardgame.
Now our whole gang has played the Civ games on the pc, and seeing the game so succesfully transfered to board was seriously cool.
After getting back to Sweetlake we went to Omar’s and had grill.

Though I was initially a bit hessitant to start playing so late on saterday night (Omar is not the most practicle person I know when it comes to planning), we had a lot of fun doing so, and I eventually went home at 7am this morning. I am not a great fan of board games usually, but I wont mind going back to this one with the gang.

We actually bought Civ at the Elf store in the Hague, and while we where their I noticed that finally one of the Lord of the Rings swords, The Ringwraith sword, has gone down in price.

However, looking around online now, to find a pic for this blog, I find that he US dollar prices on most of these online shops is considderably lower than what they are asking on the Elf shop. Perhaps I should find out how much shipping costs would be.

But since I am in actuality a loyal customer there, I did order BlacK Legion Blade from the Kit Rae collection, which in design is very similair to the Valermos – Sword of fire, from the same collection, which I already have:

I really love that shiny black finish and de pattern on the design. Very cool. It should be about 100 euro’s, but again I have to wonder if I am being ripped off.

Meanwhile my sister is more of a Hibben kind of gal. She saw Gil Hibben’s Jackal being wielded in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and wanted it thereafter.

There are quite a few other items that United Cutlery offers that I would rather like having, but its all so expensive! In my opinion they really offer some of the coolest collections from all the main sword and knife companies.

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