Microsoft Photosynth

Ok, this is teh win!

Microsoft have finally released an end-user usable version of Photosynth, their amazing photo manipulation and 3D enviroment modeling software.

First, you should watch this presentation at TED if you are unfamliar with the technology, its kinda mind blowing:


So with my new Camera in hand, I have spent the last 2 days putting together some Synths.

Making a good Synth, that incorperates all the pictures you took, takes some practice! You just have to make sure that every pic you take, overlaps with about 2/3rds of another pic. That way the software will be able to detect that picstures connect to others.

Here are 3 embeds of Synths I made, you will need to Photosynth plugin to view them. As you see, it doesnt matter where the pics come from. The third Synth I made is made with screenshots from World of Warcraft.



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