Klingon knife scares the crap out of dumb British scandal-sheet

Gedeeld door Jemimus

Whahhaha!! The next thing we need now, is someone to actually go out and murder someone using a betleH. Think of the headlines! For a cool overview of other Klingon weapons: http://www.klingonimperialweaponsguild.org/pages/kristak.htm
You can buy replicas of ALL of these, btw. The one features in this new article is a pretty bad replica, btw.

Piss-poor scandal-sheet The Daily Mail has a hilariously breathless account of a giant stainless steel Klingon fighting-knife received by police during a knife-amnesty; to hear them tell of it hooded thugs are roaming the streets with Klingon duelling swords looking for little old ladies to terrorise.

A spokesman for police in Gloucester, where it was surrendered, said: “It is a particularly nasty weapon that can, literally, take someone’s head off. We are very glad it is off the streets and we want more weapons handed in.”

The blade is believed to be a stainless-steel copy of a Klingon weapon used in the science fiction series Star Trek. “It’s an extremely dangerous weapon,” said a martial arts expert last night.

Lethal Star Trek blade seized in knives amnesty

(via JWZ)

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