Clearing junk and the interesting items that brings

Spent this afternoon going through draws and throwing out loads of junk. Mostly cables and computer components of which I had way, way to many.

Some items of interest turned up though, and even though I am throwing them out, I wanted to record them for posterity 😉

IMG_1265 by you.
omg.. my old analogue camera. There is still film in it! I should get it developed!

IMG_1270 by you.
The booklett people could get for free as an introduction to the Euro coin, when it was introduced in 2001. I never finished the collection 😉

IMG_1273 by you.

IMG_1275 by you.
Some nice stuff. The wach is acutlaly rather cheap, I threw it out.

IMG_1276 by you.
Brave Laptop. You served me well. A shame we could never fix your power supply problem.

IMG_1277 by you.
A 3DFX Voodoo II card, gosh that brings back memories

IMG_1278 by you.
Books, lots of books. Who wants to come rummage through this box? Mostly older IT books, Windows 2000/2003 and some cook books.

IMG_1284 by you.
Not sure what to do with this guitar. Its kinda broke, but its so old as to possibly be an antique.

IMG_1287 by you.
Time to finnaly throw all these old game manuals out. I kept the blizzard ones and the Privateer II ones. Also the Battletech stuff I am holding on to, together with the rest of my collection. Lots of nostalgic stuff here, but the olders bit was the plastic case they whree kept in, at the top.  That was the original manaul box for my dads 8088 Olivetti PC, bough back in the late 80’s. (zoom in).
Give you a good idea what my gaming preferences are. Lots of combat flight sim stuff, shame that genre has more or less died out these days.

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