Visiting Gordon, place of madness

This weekend, me and Lia went to visit Gordon down in Oxford.
The place was as one would expect, if 3 (or more, I lost count) gamer, metal, stoner guys lived together. I felt right at home 🙂
We spent most the evening and the next day indoctrinating Nick with Battlestar Galactica, and spent the rest of the second day looking for Disk 2 of the second Battlestar Season, unsuccesfully. Today, me, Nick and Lia have spent cathing up on Battlestar all the way to season 4.. omg what a cliffhanger.

Pics and video below



Lia at her best 😉

Gordon, becoming increasingly more deperate to find the missing disk.

No disk over here


A DVD collection worthy of a geek. Gordon is awesome (and he plays bass)

Spike and Nick


My first ever go on Guitar Hero!!

Everyone still looking for the missing disk!

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