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Neuromancer Neuromancer by William Gibson

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Amazing book. A little hard to get used to the style of the writing, I had to backtrack several times in the beginning to understand properly what was going on. You need to really keep your eye on the ball on this book to not loose track of events.

A lot of lingo to get used to, but luckily lots of it is already pervasive in internet culture, so that may be a problem more for other people 😉

I find the cyberpunk aesthetic extremely attractive. Its not the first time I have read stories in this style, “Otherland” being the example that comes to mind. I was a little surprised by how little of the story actually takes place in cyberspace. It was nice though, to see how human the main character “case” really is, there is absolutely not attempt to make him into any kind of hero. If anything, that role is reserved for his female counterpart.

The ending is, predictably, rather vague and doesn’t really conclude on anything specific. This book is part of a trilogy, and I look forward to reading the other 2.

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