New Logitech gaming keyboard G19 and other gear!

Logitech > Gaming > PC Gaming > Mice + Keyboards > G19 Keyboard for Gaming.


In the runup to CES, Logitech just announced a new G-series keyboard the G19, and other goodies. I am not looking forward to this one as much as the G13 and I wont be replacing my G15 anytime soon, but its still really sexy. The color LCD screen is sweet, opens up new avenues for game info and other apps.

They also announced a new variation on the G9, he G9x

Logitech G35 surround sound headset
Also new is the G35 headset. It offers virtual 7.1 surround field and lots of cool buttons! My main question is alwways how comfortable they are with prolonged use. Read more at Ubergizmo


You know I still havent seen the G13 in any shops here in the Netherlands yet!

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