Social Searching for specific subjects

A frequent strategy I use this days is to leverage several social web sources to search for specific subjects.

I then use RSS and Google Reader to consolidate the results into a single view

For example, this week I am working with Microsofts “Hyper-V” virtualisation technology.

I start with Google Blog Search

which produces a search-results RSS feed:

Then I go with Twitter:

And Friendfeed:

Another good one to add would be social bookmark sites such as

So in Google Reader, I created a folder called “Hyper-V” and added all three feeds:

ScreenHunter_ Jan. 04 21.13_002 by you.

The result is a very neat consolidated list of posts, dynamically updating all the time, based on the search term.

ScreenHunter_ Jan. 04 21.14_003 by you.

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