Screentoaster test

I go an email a while back from Screentoaster, a startup that is producing a very easy to use, web-based product that allows you to capture screen imput with sound and video.
I registered and gave it a go this evening. Below is the result ( if you cant see the inbedded video below, click here )
The recording stopped halfway through, so you are warned. This was only a test though.

In the video below, I attempt to show of Microsoft Live mesh.

I am impressed so far. It works well, but the total upload is limited to 20mb, and how fast you use that up of course, depends on how large resolution you use, and if you include sound. Right now its not easy to see how much room you have, or to stop and start recordings on the fly. But this product is bran new, so it can only get better.
Give it a try yourself at

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