Social Searching for specific subjects

A frequent strategy I use this days is to leverage several social web sources to search for specific subjects.

I then use RSS and Google Reader to consolidate the results into a single view

For example, this week I am working with Microsofts “Hyper-V” virtualisation technology.

I start with Google Blog Search

which produces a search-results RSS feed:

Then I go with Twitter:

And Friendfeed:

Another good one to add would be social bookmark sites such as

So in Google Reader, I created a folder called “Hyper-V” and added all three feeds:

ScreenHunter_ Jan. 04 21.13_002 by you.

The result is a very neat consolidated list of posts, dynamically updating all the time, based on the search term.

ScreenHunter_ Jan. 04 21.14_003 by you.

Goodreads | 2 reviews of Microsoft Resource Kits

Microsoft  Windows  2000 Server Resource Kit (It-Resource Kit) Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit by Microsoft Corporation

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
This remains still one of the most in-depth and complete collections of material on Windows server. Many of the basic concepts and design of Active Directory, basic TCP/IP technologies, and much more, are discussed in great technical detail, and it remains an extremely valuable reference source for me, even for Windows 2003, and I bet for 2008 also.

I also have the 2003 resource kit, but they cover different aspects of the sever product. I don’t know if there is a technical reference from MS on Windows server that equals the ground covers in this kit.

I recently through out many of my 2000′ books, but these will remain on the shelf for a long time.

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Microsoft  Windows Server(TM) 2003 Resource Kit Microsoft Windows Server(TM) 2003 Resource Kit by Microsoft MVPs and Partners

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is basically a bundled collection of books that are also available separately. It contains some of the most in-depth books available on Windows server, including the very excellent “Windows Internals 4th edition” by Mark Mark Russinovich. Also the Troubleshooting and Performance guide are extremely good and in-depth.

This collection goes a lot farther than just about anything a Windows professional will have come across in MS course material. It is meant mostly for enterprise administrators as many of the skills needed to use the knowledge of these books lend themselves particularly well the large-scale enterprise environment.

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Datacenter Move post 4

Youtube videos are worth a thousands words, so I will let them do the talking.

Progress TCR Move May27 part 1 (the old location)

Progress TCR Move May27 part 2 (the new location)

What Mustafa thinks of IBM rackmount kits:

And some pics from the last 3 days:
(Click for larger versions)

IBM xseries 336, bout 3 years old now

ServeRAID 6M controller (in the PCI slot bay). Its IBM branded but its basically an Adaptec.
This comes out of one of the 2 xseries 336 servers that, together with the EXP400 shelf, served as a Windows 2003 cluster. The ServeRAID controllers are needed to provide failover control of the shared disk shelf.

Mainboard of an xseries 336, with the PCI card bay/thing removed.  The blue bracket at the top is where usually an RSA-II management card would be sitting, but this one doesnt have one 😦

ServeRAID 6M removed from PCI bay of the 336 server

The rack is slowly emptying. I remember when I was building it all up, 3 years ago! Check it out

Installing windows on an IBM xseries 336. Its been a while. I noticed the IBM Serveguide CD has a few more options now.

Picture I needed to have to illustrate where to connect everything.

Ready to move to new location


Not the most ideal way of moving servers, but its better than nothing. At least they are softer  here than in the back of the car.

Richard, our project manager, trying to get more work in.

Temporary cabling 😉

Its slowly growing

They are not done with the rack interconnects, damnit. I cant finish my patching like this.

Our new firewall cluster

I love the blue glow of the console. Kinda wierd to have that out-of-place IBM in there, squashed between the HP.s.  The cable rail for the server is different than HP aswell, so that will be fun to cable.

Moved some servers around, getting to our final config now.

WAN comms rack in the new location

LANcoms rack in the new location

Khalid on servicedesk duty

Gertjan is helping us decomission


Mustafa hard at work decomissioning servers

A lot of servers where decommissioned today, these are all basically being scrapped.