Darwin created God in his image

Dan Gillmor – A recent Gallup poll on support of Darwinism amung Americans.

My opinion is sure to upset some people, but what are blogs for if not to express mine.

I find it strange how a country that used to be so culturally progressive, seems to have gotten “stuck” in this Christian conservatism. While rest of the (western) world seems to be slowly waking up from the religious daydream, it seems almost like the American heartland is reverting back to a 50’s mindset.

Now I have nothing against religion perse, by when a country is run top down by christian conservatists, then everyone starts to be affected. Where other, more progressive countries (and even some states) are finally recognizing the rights of woman and homosexuals, amungs other things, America seems, at least to me as a European, to be reverting back to a more primitive way of thinking about, and dealing with real world issues, usually based on, in my mind, a backward religious doctrine.