CURRICULUM VITAE – Robert Kloosterhuis

October 2008


CURRICULUM VITAE                    

Robert Kloosterhuis






Name:                                       Robert Kloosterhuis

Adress (current):                        Prinses Annalaan 349

                                                2263 XJ Leidschendam

Tel. Nummer:                            0641654270


Date of Birth:                             11 october 1979



I am Dutch-born, half-English senior Systems administrator, seeking to move to England, and therefore looking for challenging and interesting work in the greater London area.





Personality Profile


I like to think out of the box and ask the hard questions. I assume nothing and always try to build context and a sense of the big picture in everything I do. I enjoy extreme complexity and digging into, and making myself master of, complex IT systems. My favorite catchphrase: “The devil is in the details.” 

Because of the amount of importance I place on accuracy of information, context and detail, I will often become the go-to guy for understanding how something actually works. In my communications, I always provide and seek context and value clear and concise discussion.

I am a collaboration junkie. I love tools that make it easier to share information with people, and to connect to others.  

I have a strong analytical mind combined with a pragmatical approach to problem solving and the tenacity to deliver. I also have strong communicative skills and understanding of group dynamics and politics to be successful in large and complex projects and organizations.


Professional Interests


My main interests lie in Enterprise-level systems and data center administration. Large scale role outs, systems architecture, platform and hardware management, deep automation and enterprise scale alerting and management.

I am also increasingly interested in IT policy, how to handle and deal with the challenges of large IT organizations and giving structure to the areas of  knowledge sharing, collaboration, documentation, ITIL, best practices, etc. 

I am a great proponent of introducing social software into the enterprise, such as blogs, forums, wiki’s etc. I believe that in this time of great collaboration and possibilities online, many companies are hardly tapping into the potential of social software.
I am a fan of Microsoft’s Sharepoint technology, and will often refer to it as a good starting point to achieve higher forms of collaboration and information dissemination.

I am also interested in IT security policy, and managing security in large IT environments. In this area I have often spearheaded efforts to introduce security management through means of procedure, and technical tooling such as Windows group policy and other corporate security management tools.
I am a fan of Microsoft’s Sharepoint technology, and will often refer to it as a good starting point to achieve higher forms of collaboration and information dissemination.

I am also interested in IT security policy, and managing security in large IT environments. In this area I have often spearheaded efforts to introduce security management through means of procedure, and technical tooling such as Windows group policy and other corporate security management tools.


Formal Training


·          MAVO D  (intermediate general secondary education)

·          MBO ( senior secondary vocational education) in Information Technology – Crabeth College Gouda


Professional Certifications



·          Microsoft MCSA 2003 + Messaging

o         Exam 70-290: Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment

o         Exam 70-291: Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

o         Exam 70-2101: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

o         Exam 70-2842: Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003




·          Microsoft Official Curriculum Classroom course:Designing a Microsoft Windows Server

            2003 Directory Services Infrastructure

·          ITIL “Foundations” ITIL introduction course. Basic ITIL concepts.

·          Microsoft Official Curriculum Classroom course: Migrating from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Directory Services

·          Sylis ATPATP (Advanced Training Program) was an internal course focusing on project skills. This included a communications course and several workshops on specific Microsoft server products and technologies.



Professional Experience

(The positions described below, where held through a contracting/temping firm: Sylis Netherlands BV, which specialised in IT Projects and IT contracting and temping)



Systems Specialist – DHL Exel Supply Chain Logistics, Hoofddorp, Netherlands (June 2005 – Present)


At DHL, I was responsible for the Systems Management team within the corporate IT department of the former Exel business (taken over by DHL). In this position, I was originally responsible for the day-to-day running an administration of the corporate data center of DHL-Exel supply chain and logistics operations in the Netherlands.


This included administration of a 150-server Citrix Metaframe farm, 10 IIS application/IDE process-flow servers, and the usual Infrastructure servers such as: Domain controllers, DNS and DHCP servers, SQL servers, and various application servers.


As part of our administrative tasks, we where also responsible for many servers at remote sites. The enterprise-level nature of the operations, required strong knowledge of data center management technologies such as KVM-over-IP systems, platform management hardware and software, snmp, and planning large scale network and infrastructure.


I set up a platform management and alerting structure based on IBM’s “Director” tooling, including advanced alerting and response routing. As part of Citrix management, we employed RES Powerfuse management software, and over the course of three years have had extensive experience in managing a complex multi-silo’d Citrix implementation. This advanced troubleshooting experience, server load testing and configuring applications to run in Citrix environments.


On the Windows management side, I was responsible for maintaining and administering a Windows 2000 domain, within a global forest structure, and multiple trust relationship that span many global DHL business units. This requires frequent collaboration between other international IT teams.


Being a strong proponent of security, I took it upon myself to set up a patch-management infrastructure, which included setting up an enterprise-level WSUS infrastructure. Since then, patch-management has been a major part of our departmental responsibilities.


As a great supporter of collaboration technologies, I introduced the department to Microsoft Sharepoint technologies, and set up a WSS portal, that became the main portal for departmental collaboration and communication.


More recently, I have been heavily involved in project work for the business side. This includes building solutions based on DHL’s logistic needs, and marrying them to our infrastructure and IT services portfolio, while constantly assessing aspects such as cost, supportability, scalability and security. I have found myself increasingly asked to navigate corporate politics, and have found myself quite able in this arena.




Software Intake Tester – Fujitsu Services (Project), Schiphol, Netherlands (Sept 2003 – March 2004)


As part of an enterprise-wide migration project to a standardized desktop and server environment at the Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM), my role was to inventories, test and document applications and their use across different business units. This required to dig deeply down into individual applications, and their integration into the business processes, so that installation packets could be created for role out in the new environment. Application compatibility testing often included the solving of deep compatibility issues, involving the coordination of various departments and suppliers. For every application, extensive documentation was written.



System Administration / System Design / Consultantcy – Azivo (project) The Hague, Netherlands (March 2004 – May 2004)



I was originally called into Azivo Pharmacy branch office to migrate a number of PCs to Windows 2000, as part of a larger Windows 2000 migration that had taken place at the main office. However the site proved to be far more complex and larger than anyone had anticipated. I started a project to migrate this branch office to become part of the corporate Windows 2000 domain. This included writing a detailed migration plan, specifying all aspects of the migration that needed to take place, purchasing new hardware to support the new environmental requirements, solving a large number of application and hardware incompatibilities, and building up a number of new servers.


The migration itself also included the design and role out of a RIS server and associated creating of baseline images, design of a deep group policy structure, role out of additional applications using group policy, integration of DFS for cross-site share browsing, a subnet migration, a new routing infrastructure, remote administration facilitation and migration of data from the old environment. As part of this all, I wrote extensive documentation to accompany the various aspects of the new environment. This included detailed Visio schematics of the infrastructure.




System/Security administration – DSM Anti-Infectives Delft (project), Delft, Netherlands (May 2004 – July 2004)


At DSM, my primary responsibility was to inventorise so called “process systems” out on the network, and apply patch management where possible, and backup using Symantec Ghost. To achieve this, I employed a combination of patch-management solutions including manual installation, scripted and stringed installation, Windows update, and a third-party patch


management product called HFNetcheck pro. Other tools included Microsoft’s security and patch applications such as MBSA, and other patch-role out automation utilities. Because DSM had no native system in which to register these process pc’s, I built a small Access database, and though that, also provided reporting to management.



Service Desk – Dutch National Lottery, The Hague, Netherlands (Dec 2002 – July 2003)



At the Dutch state lottery, I was responsible for the resolution of first and second line workspace issues. During this period I took charge of standardizing the desktop rollout process by streamlining the imaging process and redesigning the base images used in the IT environment.


 I also documented business processes and IT procedures, and also contributed to IT policy with advice and suggestions. I also supplied input for the development of a migration plan for a Windows XP migration and later on assisted in testing this new environment. I also became responsible for decision making of hardware purchases in the office IT environment, and was responsible for extensive hardware upgrading in preparation for the migration.


Other tasks and responsibilities included the setup of a Jetadmin environment, automating the role out of software such as Office, inventorying of software and hardware, documenting procedures and creating end user and departmental documentation.





Personal Interests


·          Social Networking Technologies on the Internet

·          Blogging

·          Photography

·          Gaming (Spent several years as a guild-leader in World of Warcraft)

·          Technology

·          Popular Science



So, they DO google you!

Yesterday I completed my English-language CV, you can download it here, and I will print it below for good measure.
I published the CV at Monsterboard UK yesterday, aswell as and

*waves at potential employers*

Now I had already been looking through jobs on all those sit,in fact I have an RSS feed coming in that combined search results for all those sites, based on the keyboards I am looking for (systems administration, datacenter, engineer). I have republished those feeds here (via Google reader), if you are interested.

Now this morning my Friendfeed directed me to Flickr as someone I know had posted a pic there I wanted to see. Then I noticed the view graph.  

What is interesting it also the specific pictures that seem to be top viewed in the last 24 hours:

Almost no external referals too. This means these are people browsing my work photo set on Flickr itself. They must have gotten there somehow though, and I dont publish that particular set on the front page of my Flickr page.

I should have installed a plugin to track hits on WordPress, cause I am sure they are up to. Someone has been Googling me, this much is certain. What I am wondering is what they are hitting first. The first result on google is my Sysadmin blog, it seems. I guess this must be the entrance to the set itsef on Flickr. Though Geekswithblogs is not showing up as a high referrer for the last day. its a mystery.

Anyway.. next blog post will be my CV



Throwing out Games

I identify as a gamer. I have played a lot of games in my time. and ones “collection” that has been built up over the years, can be a matter of pride.
The thing is, I never actually show of my collection in any sense, nor is my collection even worth showing off really.

Now that I am making some tough decisions on what to keep and what to throw away, I find that making these choices about my games it not as hard as I thought it might be.

Obviously, there are some practical matters to consider. For example, the older games will simply not work on todays hardware, without some serious fidling at least, and even then nothing is certain. I remember a few years ago trying to get Jane’s Longbow 2 to work on WindowsXP, and it was simply not possible to make it run stable.

The other, most obvious factor is hanging on to games for Nostalgia’s sake. I too am not immune to this, and this “feeling” has actually been a pretty good guide to filter out what I am throwing away. It also confronts me with my own opinions that I was not aware of: what where my favorite games.

To summorise, my decision making process boils down to 3 questions I ask myself in each case, or order of importance:

1. What is the nostalgic value to me personally. (overrides all other considderations) ?
2. What is the change that I will ever install and play this game again in the future?
3. What is the change the game will run properly on today and tomorrows hardware and OS, and would it be worth the effort?

The following three foto’s are the games I have decided already to throw away.
As with the game-manaul pic, you can get a good sense of where my gaming preferences have laid the last 10 years.

IMG_1296 by you.

IMG_1297 by you.

IMG_1298 by you.

The Final Picture is the collection of games, all more resent, that I am considering throwing away. Also, these games may be valued by my friends, so I am holding on to them for now, while I circulate this picture to see if anyone is interested in receiving some of them.

IMG_1302 by you.

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Clearing junk and the interesting items that brings

Spent this afternoon going through draws and throwing out loads of junk. Mostly cables and computer components of which I had way, way to many.

Some items of interest turned up though, and even though I am throwing them out, I wanted to record them for posterity 😉

IMG_1265 by you.
omg.. my old analogue camera. There is still film in it! I should get it developed!

IMG_1270 by you.
The booklett people could get for free as an introduction to the Euro coin, when it was introduced in 2001. I never finished the collection 😉

IMG_1273 by you.

IMG_1275 by you.
Some nice stuff. The wach is acutlaly rather cheap, I threw it out.

IMG_1276 by you.
Brave Laptop. You served me well. A shame we could never fix your power supply problem.

IMG_1277 by you.
A 3DFX Voodoo II card, gosh that brings back memories

IMG_1278 by you.
Books, lots of books. Who wants to come rummage through this box? Mostly older IT books, Windows 2000/2003 and some cook books.

IMG_1284 by you.
Not sure what to do with this guitar. Its kinda broke, but its so old as to possibly be an antique.

IMG_1287 by you.
Time to finnaly throw all these old game manuals out. I kept the blizzard ones and the Privateer II ones. Also the Battletech stuff I am holding on to, together with the rest of my collection. Lots of nostalgic stuff here, but the olders bit was the plastic case they whree kept in, at the top.  That was the original manaul box for my dads 8088 Olivetti PC, bough back in the late 80’s. (zoom in).
Give you a good idea what my gaming preferences are. Lots of combat flight sim stuff, shame that genre has more or less died out these days.

Visiting Gordon, place of madness

This weekend, me and Lia went to visit Gordon down in Oxford.
The place was as one would expect, if 3 (or more, I lost count) gamer, metal, stoner guys lived together. I felt right at home 🙂
We spent most the evening and the next day indoctrinating Nick with Battlestar Galactica, and spent the rest of the second day looking for Disk 2 of the second Battlestar Season, unsuccesfully. Today, me, Nick and Lia have spent cathing up on Battlestar all the way to season 4.. omg what a cliffhanger.

Pics and video below



Lia at her best 😉

Gordon, becoming increasingly more deperate to find the missing disk.

No disk over here


A DVD collection worthy of a geek. Gordon is awesome (and he plays bass)

Spike and Nick


My first ever go on Guitar Hero!!

Everyone still looking for the missing disk!

Revisiting “A Vision of Students Today”

This Post was reposted from here

Gedeeld door Jemimus

God I hope my own generation is going to do better by tomorrows students. But I look around me and see it still isn’t so. When will the tools of todays internet become “normal” to the “adults”.. is it happening yet? If it is, I don’t see it.

(originally published on Britannica Blog)

In spring 2007 I invited the 200 students enrolled in the “small” version of my “Introduction to Cultural Anthropology” class to tell the world what they think of their education by helping me write a script for a video to be posted on YouTube. The result was the disheartening portrayal of disengagement you see below. The video was viewed over one million times in its first month and was the most blogged about video in the blogosphere for several weeks, eliciting thousands of comments. With rare exception, educators around the world expressed the sad sense of profound identification with the scene, sparking a wide-ranging debate about the roles and responsibilities of teachers, students, and technology in the classroom.


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Biggest change of my life

I have decided to move to the England.
This has been on the cards for a while now, and the last week I finally set things into motion.

The plan is that I strip the house by December, and I move early January.
Dont have a job yet, or a new apartment for that matter. All this will come.
I will soon be sending my CV around the place, and I am already on various mailing lists for jobs and apartments.

I will be moving to London, one of the suburbs, hopefully quite close to a certain other person in London that I happen to know 😉  Regarding that person, I won’t need to explain my reasons for moving to the UK, me and Lia have been together 18 months now, and I am ready for the next step.

The first step of the move is taken: I have demolished my bed 😀
Frankly, it was faling apart and I needed the space 😉

Here are some pics of that, and there will be many more pics here, as I chronicle this big event in my life.

Also, keep an eye on this space for my furnature. I am giving most of it away. My dad has already shown an interest in stuff like the TV, but most of the other stuff is basicly up for grabs, so if you are interested in a small desk or draw.. keep an eye on my Flickr groups: The Big Move and more specifically: Furniture

IMG_1247 by you.
Partial Bed

IMG_1250 by you.
No Bed!

IMG_1251 by you.
Bits of Bed!

IMG_1248 by you.
Piece of wood from bed with a nail in it, landed right ON my ethernet cable, of all places. still seems to work.


Tram 2 got into an accident, with my and Lia on board!!

IMG_1245 by you.
Driver was ok though.

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