BBC NEWS | UK | Real lessons from virtual battle

BBC NEWS | UK | Real lessons from virtual battle.

This is pretty cool. The Military Simulator they are playing here, is of couse none other than Bohemia Interactive’s Virtual Battlefield 2

Any Tachitical Battle sim fanatic, of course instantly recognises the engine, as that used in the original Operation Flashpoint (which was amazing, as where its even more amazing addons), and its successor, Armed Assault (which was less so, due to its poorly developed single player campaign)

Domino’s screwing me

Domino’s – Menukaart.

What the FUCK is up with Domino’s Pizza in Leidschendam?!
(for the spiders’ benefit, I am talking about the Filiaal Leidschendam, Damplein 16

First I found out, at 10:05pm that they are not longer open till 11:00pm, as they have been for the 7 years I have lived here, but till 10:00pm. Then today I get charged 10.50 euros for a Medium Hot and Spicy, while 3 weeks ago, it was 9.50, again, as it had been for years.

And of course the delivery guy swears its never been different.

I usually have a 10 euro note on me, so that was always convenient for Pizza + tip. Now its not only a slower transaction at the door, due to the change having to be counted out, it inconvenieces me to have a single note, plus 50 cents lying around perpetually.

Fuck this.

Klingon knife scares the crap out of dumb British scandal-sheet

Gedeeld door Jemimus

Whahhaha!! The next thing we need now, is someone to actually go out and murder someone using a betleH. Think of the headlines! For a cool overview of other Klingon weapons:
You can buy replicas of ALL of these, btw. The one features in this new article is a pretty bad replica, btw.

Piss-poor scandal-sheet The Daily Mail has a hilariously breathless account of a giant stainless steel Klingon fighting-knife received by police during a knife-amnesty; to hear them tell of it hooded thugs are roaming the streets with Klingon duelling swords looking for little old ladies to terrorise.

A spokesman for police in Gloucester, where it was surrendered, said: “It is a particularly nasty weapon that can, literally, take someone’s head off. We are very glad it is off the streets and we want more weapons handed in.”

The blade is believed to be a stainless-steel copy of a Klingon weapon used in the science fiction series Star Trek. “It’s an extremely dangerous weapon,” said a martial arts expert last night.

Lethal Star Trek blade seized in knives amnesty

(via JWZ)

Microsoft Photosynth

Ok, this is teh win!

Microsoft have finally released an end-user usable version of Photosynth, their amazing photo manipulation and 3D enviroment modeling software.

First, you should watch this presentation at TED if you are unfamliar with the technology, its kinda mind blowing:


So with my new Camera in hand, I have spent the last 2 days putting together some Synths.

Making a good Synth, that incorperates all the pictures you took, takes some practice! You just have to make sure that every pic you take, overlaps with about 2/3rds of another pic. That way the software will be able to detect that picstures connect to others.

Here are 3 embeds of Synths I made, you will need to Photosynth plugin to view them. As you see, it doesnt matter where the pics come from. The third Synth I made is made with screenshots from World of Warcraft.



New Camera: Canon G9

So my trusty xsus 70 camera was stolen just before we went on holiday. It was most likely grabbed right out of my luggage at Schiphol.

For a while now, I had been playing with the idea of getting a new, somewhat more sophisticated camera. A DSLR would be a little over the top, but a camera where I could at least manually ajust things like Shutter speed and the like, should be possible.

And indeed it was. The Canon G9 (review at is just about the best “point and shoot” camera you can get. It has a feauture set pretty close to a proper DSLR but only a about a hundred euros more than your average Digital Ixus, and the like.

Picture 11 by you.

Picture 12 by you.

Its gonna take a while for me to learn how to use this properly. Already I have learnt a lot more than I knew about Focal Lengths, Apertures, ISO valies, F-numbers, etc.

Some pictures I have made so far:

Picture 128 Picture 125 Picture 124 Picture 123 Picture 121 Picture 069 Picture 104 Picture 116 Picture 106 Picture 005 Picture 031 Picture 006 Test Movie  Picture 016 Picture 005 Picture 002 Picture 001 IMG_0172 IMG_0224 IMG_0441 IMG_0445 IMG_0446 Breakfast IMG_0453 IMG_0455
Proud of this one, my first high-speed shot:

IMG_0224 by you. now hosted at

Today I moved to new hosting at, the hosting company run by my friend Greftek.

I needed to move it away from hosting at DarkstarLLC because I am transferring that account to someone else, because of the Haven guild’s Teamspeak server.

When I was an officer in Haven, I purshased Teamspeak hosting for the guild at Darkstar. At some point, I was offered free webhosting there aswell, and I moved on there earlier this year.

But the renew of the Teamspeak hosting is coming up, and I am not gonna pay for another year, as I am not associated with that guild anymore. I am transferring the account to another officer.

But that means i had to move the blog too 🙂

Holiday in Rome Pics

The first week of August me and Lia spent a week in Rome. We had an amazing time. Its a truly beautifull city, and an amazing concentration of history and art.
We had a hotel right in the center on the Via del Corso main road, in walking distance of just about every major item in the city.



Complete foto set: 

Trevi Fountain: 

Family 092 by suneechild. 

Family 093 by suneechild. 

Family 134 by suneechild.

Columns beloning to the temple of Hadrian: 

Family 097 by suneechild. 

Family 098 by suneechild. 

The amazingly impressive and massive Pantheon. We had dinner in front of it several evenings, and what a view to have.

Family 106 by suneechild.

Family 099 by suneechild. 

Family 100 by suneechild. 

Family 101 by suneechild. 

Family 102 by suneechild. 

Family 103 by suneechild. 

Family 105 by suneechild. 


The beautiful Chiesa della Maddalena:

Family 108 by suneechild.

Spanish Steps:

Family 110 by suneechild.

Family 111 by suneechild.

Family 112 by suneechild.

Family 118 by suneechild.

Family 117 by suneechild.

View from the Pencian Hill:

Family 120 by suneechild.

Family 123 by suneechild.

Family 125 by suneechild.

Looking down on Piazza del Popolo:

Family 126 by suneechild.

Having lunch at Place Navona:

Family 130 by suneechild.

Visiting the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, including the Palantine hill:

Family 135 by suneechild.

Family 137 by suneechild.

Family 140 by suneechild.

Family 141 by suneechild.

Family 142 by suneechild.

Family 147 by suneechild.

Family 150 by suneechild.

Family 155 by suneechild.

Palantine Hill and the Domitian Palace

Family 162 by suneechild.

Family 166 by suneechild.

Family 167 by suneechild.

Family 168 by suneechild.

Arch of Titus:

Family 175 by suneechild.

Family 179 by suneechild.

Family 180 by suneechild.

Temple of Romulus with its original bronze doors.

Family 182 by suneechild.

The wackey Temple of Antonidus and Faustina:

Family 184 by suneechild.

Ruins of the Temple of Saturn:

Family 186 by suneechild.

Family 187 by suneechild.

The Roman forum was the seat of power in Rome, the bastion of politics and business.

Family 188 by suneechild.

Arch of Septimius Severus:

Family 194 by suneechild.

Family 196 by suneechild.

Piazza Campidoglio:

Family 197 by suneechild.

Family 198 by suneechild.

Vittorio Emmanuele Monument:

Family 202 by suneechild.

Family 207 by suneechild.

Family 209 by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Visiting the Vatican:

Rome by suneechild.Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

St. Peters Basilica:

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Vatican Museums:

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Sistine Chapel:

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.


Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

The hotelroom was supplied with free internet, plasma TV, and a laptop. I had to hack myself admin rights to clear the laptop of malware first. We left it completely up to date and protected, hehe.

Rome by suneechild.

Icecream at the world famous Giolitti’s 

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

She didnt know untill seconds after the picture was taken 😉

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

Rome by suneechild.

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