Things sound harder better faster stronger

Yesterday saw the arrival of my long awaited Logitech G35 Headset.
(click here if you cant see the video above)

Day 10 by you.

I am quite happy with it. I have only tried 1 game with it so far, but the spacial 7.1 ┬ásound is good. Later today I will give some DVD’s a try. The most impressive is the overal quality for music. The base is very good and the sound seperation is excellent. I can hear detail in my favorite songs I never noticed before.

Also in the gadget department, is the most awesome Android app I have found so far:
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Per Gessle / Roxette concert Amsterdam may 6th 2009

Emma and myself went to see Per Gessle in Amsterdam.

Both of us have been Roxette fans for many years, and we always regretted not ever having seen them live.
It had started to look like we never would, after Marie’s cancer, it didnt look like they would ever perform as Roxette again, its been 7 years since the last album and tour.

However, to our delight, it was rumored and then confirmed by Per on his Twitter, that Marie would very likely make an appearance at one of his shows. This turned out to be Amsterdam, and how fortunate we where to be there!

Pics (click here if you cant see the slideshow below):

I made lots of video too (link here):

An amazing night. A small intimate crowd of true fans, only about 500 of us. Considder that for a moment when you realise that Roxette would play to a crowd of 100.000 during their hay day.

Marie was obviously not used to being on the stage, but she warmed up and for 2 songs, Roxette was back again. We will be seeing more of them this year, they are a mainline act on the Night of the Proms

As you can see in the slideshow, me and Emma got our favorite album books signed, and I filmed Emma meeting Per, so check out the playlist above.