Murlocs invade the US

TavernCast – a World of Warcraft Podcast

The crew of the Taverncast have put on a fantastic halloween radio play, in the vein of Orson Welles famous radio play of the 30’s.  The show starts with a standard, albeit short, episode of Taverncast, and turns into what seems to the listener as a radio channel reporting on mysterious blackouts in New Mexico, culminating over the course of an hour into what appears to be the invasion of the, by US goverment created, fish-men apparently turned against their human masters.…  The Murlocs have come.

This is probably the single most awesome radio play I have ever heard. A fantastic effort on the part of the Taverncast crew…    perfect late night Halloween listening for World of Warcraft fans!

A Murloc and a Babymurloc