Toothpicks and Floss

Oke… so I, and millions like my dont floss or use toothpics enough, and we get to hear about it every visit to the dentists…

Well on my way back from work today, Andy Ihnatko pitched a rather good idea to me, curtisy of the brainfood, in which he basicly got his flossing done while waiting for his Mac to unfreeze, just by keeping the floss on his desk. Coincidentily, he also learned to play the ukulele this way.

So today I actually went and bought some floss and toothpics (first time in my life), and they are now sitting next to my laptop, having now actually been used and.. where they will stay, providing my lodger doesnt move them (and he will).

Will my next checkup occur without the burdering feeling of guilt? I will keep you informed.