Facebook: Lawrence Lessig, January 31st 2008, Stanford University

Lawrence Lessig’s final talk on Free Culture. January 31st 2008, Stanford University.
I am a big fan and supporter of Lawrence Lessig. This is his last speech on the subject of Free Culture, as he now is turning his attention to government corruption and the influence of money in Washington. Though I find the Free Culture subject somewhat more interesting, I will continue to follow him closely, especially now he is considering running for congress himself.

Facebook: What Is Facebook Addiction? (Technology: Facebook)

Video: What Is Facebook Addiction?. Facebook is one of the most addictive social phenomena to have ever swept the world! You may think you’re just a casual user, but denial is a hallmark of any form of addiction. …
I recognized some of my self in this. But I recognized a LOT of some of my friends here 😀