Of Mice and … keyboard

My Microsoft Elite keyboard/mouse setup has served me well for a number of years, but recently the keyboard started becoming a bit erratic.

I decided to pimp my system with some new hardware.

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

I love the display, which has some pre-customized WoW settings in there. I also downloaded a G15 Teamspeak addon that shows who is speaking on Teamspeak, very cool. The keys are very pleasant on the fingers, and the keyboard has some special macro buttons down the side, which come with quite powerfull macro/scripting software.

The backlit lighting is very nice. Though I prefer the blue that the G11 model has.


For a new mouse, I got the Microsoft Sidewinder.

Its very nice, but after playing around with Lia’s new MX1000, I think I might actually prefer that for the feel.
The Sidewinder is pretty good though, though it is a bit bulky. It comes with weights that you can insert into the side, which is kinda smart. I went for the max load. It also comes with a cable block to keep the cable at the right managable length. You can customise the buttons, but not the buttons at the top which I thought was a bit weak. The buttons at the top control on-the-fly DPI switching which can be usefull, the little diplay shows what DPI the mouse is set to.

Because I am rather jellous of Lia’s new MX1000, I decided to get the MX Revolution for my work.

Logitech MX Revolution


Now the MX Revolution is, I guess, the successor to Lia’s MX1000.


Logitech MX1000

Now while that is true, let me say that these are in fact two very different beasts. Lia doesnt like the second scroll wheel for example and while I dont mind it, I cant blame her.

Estetically they are both gorgeous and very well designed, and fit in your hard totally naturally, supporting the thumb very well.

The revolution does a funny thing with the main scroll wheel, it actually adapts the way it rolls during scrolling,  on the fly, depending on the kind of page you are on. You feel it physically switch between the common “clicks” and the “smooth” mode that some Microsoft mice have standard.

Anyhow, to conclude, I am very happy with my new purchases, and am sure they are gonna serve me very well. And at work, I am totally pimpin of course 😉


Got Logitech Quickcam Orbit AF

I already had the Orbit MP, which I was quite happy with.
But I recently discovered that Skype supported what they are calling “High Quality Video”. Now this only works on select Logitech hardware, but not the MP version of the Orbit.

I am kinda drooling over the posible pictuer quality this offers though, and considdering me and Lia’s relationship is currently very heavily reliant on Skype, it makes sense we get the most possible out of it.

Review of Skype HQ Video 1
Review of Skype HQ Video 2

So as a present to myself for my recent promotion, I bought the AF version on Saterday, here they are side by side:

Zoom In

Left is the MP, right is the AF version.

AF stands for Auto Focus, and the feature works quite well. Its got a far better lense, made by Carl Zeiss, which is another cool branding victory for them.

 Logitech Quickcam Sphere AF


Now I was gonna give my MP to Lia, but we actually want to do High Quality Video both ways, so she is now considdering getting the Pro 9000


Anyhow, I am very happy with it so far. Its capable of very high quality streaming video, and although its only a 2mp sensor, it can extrapolate to 8pm resolution.


Zoom in to full res: 3264px × 2448px

High-Def test video of me: