Thinking of buying a digital camera…

I keep running into situations where I really would like a digital camera. Also the fact that I simply amd not documenting my current life in any fasion kinda bothers me. My parents have very few photographs of their pre-marage life, and I would hate to nog be able to show my kids what my batholor period looked like (note how I am whitfully assuming that this is just a “period” and that some time in future I will settle down and stuff…  lol

Anyhow, I was thinking of getting myself a reasonably good cam, like the Canon Powershot S410 for instance..

Looks damn cool. And is small and compact, which I value.
I got put on to this one from Steve, who knows what he is talking about!
Also the reviews seem to be quite positive.. but I am used to that when it comes to Canon camera’s.

As for price, I should expect to pay about 340 euro’s voor it, according to Tweakers pricewatch