I have been obsessing over the Musical Hamilton for the last few months. I think it started with noticing the Whitehouse (still under Obama) was obsessing over it, organizing a workshop around it.

I was fascinated, and after some research, I started to just listen to the original cast recording.

Not only is the musical great, but you cannot help but be totally charmed by the enthusiasm and brilliance and boundless energy of the creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

As a result of all being into this, I have ended up reading the Ron Chernow biography of Hamilton, that inspired the musical to begin with.  It is indeed very good.

On top of that, I downloaded and have watched HBO’s John Adams series, and which was very good.


Supplemented by constant wikipedia lookups, I have become quite knowledgeable about American revolutionary history.

Next up on the reading list is the short Jefferson biography by one of favorite authors Christopher Hitchens.  And I may also look for a good bio on Washington.

This also inspired me to put the following book on my wish list 😉