Appreciating the little things

I share a flat with a guy I have known since college.

He is a natural piano player, and plays more or less anything, but his favorite stuff is classical. That means that many evenings I have a live classical performance in the house, I probably don’t tell him enough how much I appreciate it
Its given me quite a musical education, and when someone asks, I can say I listen to classical music a lot

Here is a sample of his work, in this case a classical version of some music from episode 7 of the Pure Pwnage series. He really is very talented.

Pure Pwnage Episode 9 Dutch Screening

So last night was the advanced screening of Pure Pwnage Episode 9, organised by my m8 Skrie, who is quite well known on the Pure Pwnage forums.

About 50 people turned up, and some of the well known forum peeps stayed overnight. Several hundred people apparently turned up at the Toronto screening!
Overall it was a great success, and a testiment to how popular Pure Pwnage is becoming in the gaming community worldwide.